If you’ve been injured in a car accident it’s imperative that you get a competent car accident attorney to ensure you get the compensation available to you.

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Pro Tips To Find The Best Car Accident Attorney

Where To Look For A Great Accident Lawyer And What Questions To Ask

If you have recently sustained injuries from a car accident and you believe you have a solid case, or are wondering if you have a case, you need to know how to locate the best lawyer to assist you.

You might already know that this is a very important decision. Finding a great attorney from a shortlist of lawyers that specialize in car accidents might be the most vital decision of your entire case.

We are here to help you with this task.

When it comes to searching for an attorney, research is important to find the right professional that has proven experience when it comes to dealing with cases that involve personal injuries. We would like to share a few helpful tips to locate the ideal car accident lawyer so that you receive the compensation that you deserve from your injuries after a car accident.

Before you start searching for a car accident lawyer, you should be aware of what to look for.

Before you even start your searches, you should have an idea of the terms and qualities to look for in car accident lawyers. This can differ slightly when it comes to the type of case you have, the area that you live in, and even your personality.

Here is a list that you can use as a framework:

  • Evaluate the entire team and not just people or partners that make-up the face of a law firm. It is also important to be aware that when you start interacting with law firms, that the person that you speak to over the phone, might not be the same person that you meet with.
  • The age, experience, and size of the firm. Leadership roles and awards in organizations are also usually great indicators.
  • Great judicial connections: Look for firms that participate in bar associations or contribute to certain campaigns.
  • Feel comfortable about having to go to trial. Find out the percentage of the cases that they work on that have gone to trial, along with the success rates of the ones that do. Some attorneys have this type of information available on their sites.
  • Have They Settled Or Tried Cases That Are Similar To Your’s In Your Country Or City? Do They Have Offices Close To You?
  • Look for skills and experience linked to your specific type of case.
  • Negotiation abilities. What settlement types have the firm obtained? (keep in mind that 95% of cases involving personal injuries are settled without having to go to trial). Again, certain car accident lawyers have this information available on their sites.
  • How comfortable you feel with the attorney. This is usually a significant one.
  • Timing: Do they seem too busy to take on your case? Have they given you an idea of the time-frame of your case?
  • Past issues: Has the lawyer ever been disciplined or censured by ethics or legal committees? You need to find out about this before you contact them, to avoid wasting your time and money.
  • Past client reviews: Find out what other people say about the law firm, especially on the independent and trustworthy review sites.

Where To Look For An Experienced Car Accident Attorney

Now that you have a better idea of the type of things you need to look for or keep in mind, it should be easier for you to start looking at different law firms and attorneys.

The first step is to put together a list of the top-rated car accident lawyers in your area so that you have potential candidates to choose from.

There are a number of ways you can go about finding names of skilled personal injury attorneys. As soon as you have compiled a list of numbers and names, contact each law firm and find out about their experience levels, and their case results.

Here is a list of some of the places you can start looking for car accident referrals:

  • Ask family members or friends
  • Ask work colleagues or people from your personal network. Find out from people that have used personal injury lawyers before, especially the ones that were involved in a car accident.

It is important not to choose a lawyer only based on the recommendation of someone else.

Every person has their own reaction when it comes to lawyers. You should rather contact the lawyer personally in order to talk about your case before making a decision.

  • Ask other lawyers that you have already work with.

If you have a lawyer that you are friends with that works in real estate, for example, ask this professional if they can recommend a personal injury lawyer that can assist you. Many of the experienced attorneys usually know of other great lawyers in other practice areas.

It is common for attorneys to refer cases and business to other experienced lawyers in different practice areas, so this is one of the best ways to locate the best lawyer for your case.

  • Legal referral services. It is important to understand that quality usually varies widely. Most local and state bar associations have legal referral services whereby the contact details of lawyers that are licensed in that state will be listed according to their specialty.

The overall quality of specific referral services often varies widely. Some services conduct extensive screening of lawyers, and will only list the attorneys that are the most successful and experienced.

While other types of referral services might list any lawyer that has a favorable standing in a particular state.

Before selecting a lawyer through one of these referral services, make sure you know what the qualifications happen to be for, which will include the personal injury lawyers on these lists.

Do you work well with their personality?

None of the legal referral services will give you information about the attitude or philosophy about the lawyer. Is the lawyer patient and willing to guide you through the process? Is he/she passive or aggressive? You need to decide for yourself whether the attorney’s temperament and personality feel right to you once you conduct an interview with the lawyer.

What Does A Car Accident Attorney Do?

Personal injury attorneys assist individuals that have experienced an injury caused by an accident to help them recover compensation (financial). This money is usually required to cover medical bills and treatment, replace lost wages, along with offering compensation for the pain and suffering that the person has gone through. In some cases, a case that appears to be simple, to begin with, can become a lot more complicated. For these cases, it is important to hire a personal injury attorney that is highly experienced.

How To Find The Best Car Accident Attorney

When you interview a personal injury lawyer talk about what has happened to you and find out whether they think you have a claim. You should also bring any relevant documentation with you, such as:

  • A copy of medical bills and records, and the police report
  • Proof of lost wages, which include your pay stubs and W-2s
  • Correspondence you have had with insurance companies

Many of the lawyers will provide your initial consultation for free. If the lawyer has a fee attached for the initial meeting, it might be a good idea to look for another attorney.

Experience Level

Once you have spoken about your accident, here are a few important questions that you should be asking:

  • How Long Have You Been In Practice?
  • How Many Of Your Cases Involved Car Accident Personal Injuries?
  • Do You Work With Car Accident Defendants More, Or Plaintiffs More?

You should be looking for a lawyer that has more experience when it comes to representing plaintiffs. A lawyer that works mainly with the defense may not be used to fighting for these types of claims.

  • Are You Going To Handle My Case Personally?

It is totally fine if there are other lawyers working on the case. However, you want to avoid your case been handed over to an inexperienced attorney.

Talk About Settlement

Once you have told the lawyer about your car accident and about how you have dealt with any of the insurance companies. Now is the time to ask what the attorney thinks about the worth of your case. You should also ask how complex it may be to ensure the insurance provider pays out that amount.

From here you should also let the lawyer know what you are expecting. This could include:

  • Settling on a low settlement amount with fewer costs, and the least wasted time
  • Getting an amount that is higher than the offered amount from an insurance company, as quickly as possible
  • Get the highest payout possible, regardless of how long it takes

It is important that your lawyer understands what you want. So if you need the cash desperately you may have to be willing to settle for a lower amount. Or you can wait it out, to hopefully receive a higher amount.

Once you have decided on a personal injury lawyer, there is still more work that you need to do. You have to settle on a fee agreement that is clearly understood. You also need to make sure your lawyer will keep you informed as the case progresses.

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Tulsa Attorney Testimonials

I was hurt in two car wrecks and had to obtain an attorney. I am so glad I did! Greg and his staff have been amazing throughout the entire process! He handled both cases for me and did an outstanding job! I highly recommend him and continue to refer my friends and family to him all the time!
Leticia Madrid
Leticia Madrid
19:35 14 Apr 20
Amanda worked very hard on my case. She went above and beyond what I feel like an attorney should do. if you need to have an attorney that will work hard for you and make you feel like you're the only case they're working on this is the place you need to go.
Anne Cherry
Anne Cherry
04:20 25 Mar 20
I went online to find the best divorce attorney that I could find in Tulsa. After some research I located a website that really got my attention. So I trusted my gut instincts and hired them. I was pretty lost on where I stood during each faze of the process...due to the lack of communication. However, I still trusted my gut feeling. I ended up with everything I asked for, and then some!!!!
Monica Hodges
Monica Hodges
07:57 13 Feb 20
I am very pleased with Greg Denny Law firm. They are an awesome team that works for their clients!
J. A.
J. A.
14:50 13 Jan 20
i got in a car wreck that was not my fault, so i had to seek a Lawyer. not ever needing Legal council before i didn't know how the process worked, From the beginning to the end the staff at Greg Denney law always answered every call and every question i ever had, the process was so easy. Highly recommend this law firm.
Tamera Castodio
Tamera Castodio
16:16 14 Dec 19
Greg Denney law attorneys helped us out with a business law case here in Tulsa Oklahoma. He also advised on a medical malpractice / wrongful death lawyer case.He is probably Tulsa Oklahoma #1 car accident attorney as he is helping my mother with her case and doing an outstanding job!
Jeremy Fuller
Jeremy Fuller
20:05 10 Sep 19
Greg and his team were a huge help throughout my entire injury claim process. They explained everything and stayed in contact with me to keep me updated on my case. They also got more out of my settlement than I expected. If you’ve been injured and need legal help, you can’t go wrong letting Greg and his team handle your case.
david treadwell
david treadwell
21:59 23 Aug 19
We couldn’t have asked for more. I was stunned how quickly we received our settlement. They went to work right away! I was in a car accident also and it took 4 years and I got barely anything. We received significantly more using Greg Denny Law. What’s really important is, it was very stress free. It hasn’t even been a year since my husbands accident. We highly recommend them.
Tracy Woytas
Tracy Woytas
20:03 16 Aug 19
We couldn’t have asked for more. I was stunned how quickly we received our settlement. They went to work right away! I was in a car accident also and it took 4 years and I got barely anything. We received significantly more using Greg Denny Law. What’s really important is, it was very stress free. It hasn’t even been a year since my husbands accident. We highly recommend them.
Tracy Woytas
Tracy Woytas
20:03 16 Aug 19
Greg Denney law was great!! We actually didn't deal with Greg himself much but he was involved in our case if we needed him or wanted to talk to him. Amanda was awesome! She was very diligent and kept us informed!! Rachel was the best at getting back with us or answering questions if Amanda was in court!! Our case turned out great and we have recommended to othe people who became their clients too! Thank you so much to Greg, Amanda, Rachel and everyone in the office!!! We will keep reccomending!!!
Samantha Green
Samantha Green
02:17 03 Aug 19
Greg has been my family attorney for years and I highly recommend him for any legal services that your family might encounter. His staff is superior, professional and timely. Greg always listened to our issues and concerns and fought for us all the way to the end.
Sam Lane
Sam Lane
19:16 16 Jun 19
Nicest, most sincere, regular guy. Would have loved to be his client...if I had a case he thought he could prove. I did not...but if I have any issues in the future.he will be the first call I make. Thank you Greg Denney!
Jane Cailler
Jane Cailler
00:12 10 May 19
I met with Greg for the first time a few months back. I'm one of those people who have been dealing with lawyers my entire life and I'm here to tell you that Greg is a good one. He's a real person and he speaks with you on your level. Most lawyers have a holier than thou attitude but this man does not. I really like the guy and I've heard him on the phone fighting for a client. I'm certain that I made the right choice in contacting him and I'd recommend him to anyone as well.
Jason and Brittany Long
Jason and Brittany Long
17:23 21 Apr 19
I had a motorcycle accident. Greg and his staff did everything they said they were going to do. That doesn't happen too often. I would definitely use them again.
William McElroy
William McElroy
14:51 16 Apr 19
Tried Greg Denney to help with a family matter that's been hassling me for a few years. He and his team took care of it pretty quick, no real long drawn out case that could've taken quite longer.Again Thanks for your service.
Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson
20:44 11 Apr 19
Greg and his staff have went above and beyond for my in laws after their home was hit by a drunk driver. They have so many amazing things to say about Greg and feel as though he has cared tremendously about them.
Tessa Wingert
Tessa Wingert
16:00 09 Apr 19
We hired Greg in March of 2018 to fight for full custody of my Husband's son. This was hands down the best decision we could have made when trying to find an attorney. Greg was always very professional and his staff was amazing to work with. Every time we had any questions Greg, Amanda or Rachael would always get back to us in a timely manner. He was always straight forward when we had questions or concerns and did not beat around the bush like a past attorney we had. Thank you so much for everything you have done!
Adrienne Riley
Adrienne Riley
16:52 06 Mar 19
Greg and his staff were great to work with. Good communication and I felt like he was very honest and fair with me. He provided the representation I needed during a very difficult time. I wouldn’t hesitate using his services again or recommending him to friends or family.
Chris Reynolds
Chris Reynolds
21:25 05 Mar 19
Excellent service. Greg showed up and did a great job of representing us and beating our case. He’s very knowledgeable, straight forward and knows what he’s doing. Thanks to the Greg Denny staff as well, they were very helpful!
Miriam Martinez
Miriam Martinez
01:15 06 Feb 19
14 yrs ago Greg fought for me when couldn't help myself. With Greg's expertise and his relentless pursuit for me and my son, he got me FULL CUSTODY of my son. My son at the time was under 2 yrs old. Greg fought an uphill battle and NEVER wavered! I have had my son ever since! Greg was my rock and NEVER let me down. I am forever grateful for him and he will always be my and my families CHAMPION! Thank you Greg and God bless you!!!
John Schramm
John Schramm
16:45 05 Feb 19
Greg Denney is a really good attorney. He cares about the well being of his client and their families as well. I would recommend him to anyone. He helped us out alot by getting the case dismissed completely. Thank you Mr. Denney
Mekeesha Wood
Mekeesha Wood
14:23 28 Dec 18
I just wanna day thank you very much to Greg. I used him in high school and he got me out of so much. I had to use Greg again for a custody case and could not be more happy with the outcome. I recommend anyone who needs a good lawyer definitely call Greg he knows what he is doing. Thank you very much.
Michael Phillips
Michael Phillips
15:59 24 Sep 18
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